NEW EP: Robotprins Plays Guitar

CD 1000 ¥/JPY  

1st Collab EP: Friend Force

CD 1000 ¥/JPY  

Robotprins&Rymdkraft: KUNOICHI Pi Pi Pi

5th EP: Mechanical Love Fighters

CD 1000 ¥/JPY 

4th EP: Frosty Frolic

CD  1000 ¥/JPY

1st Full Album: The Amazingly Astonishing Adventures of Robotprins

CD 1500 ¥/JPY

3rd EP: Potatis

CD 1000 ¥/JPY

2nd EP: Revenge 101

CD 1000 ¥/JPY

1st EP: Robotprins

CD 1000 ¥/JPY

Jun&Philip's project