Robotprins is a half-robot, half-prince hero, who likes adventuring and fighting the evil Ondman. Whatever he does he is always accompanied by sweet chiptunes that makes him stronger and more handsome.


Music: Philip Lindén 

Story: Alexander Lidé

Translation to Japanese: Aya Utsumi

Art works: Monica Alfredsson, Hara



The artist Robotprins is a project started by Philip Lindén, a swede residing in Tokyo, Japan, when he wanted to make some chiptune music. Together with his cousin Alexander Lidé they created the character Robotprins, a half-robot, half-prince hero, which would be the subject of the chiptune music created by Philip. Each song would have a story behind it telling the tales of Robotprins’s adventures written by Alexander.

In November 2012 the first Robotprins EP was released on Itunes and Amazon under the name Robotprins. The story centers around the events in Prinsland and Robotland up until the birth of Robotprins, as well as how Robotprins made his arch nemesis Ondman.

In May 2013 the second EP, Revenge 101, was released. It follows Robotprins’s quest for revenge against Ondman after the murdering of his parents. In this EP Robotprins also gets a sidekick called Robotpudding which is, as the name implies, a robot pudding.


In October 2014 the 3rd EP, Potatis (which means Potato in Swedish), was released. Just like the 2 first EPs, this one also has it's own story.


Karl the mighty wizard has created a mysteriously magical potion which if poured on any inanimate object would render it alive. His evil plan is to forge an army of toy warriors and take over the world from the pesky humans, but in his absent-mindedness he accidentally pours the potion onto his potato garden. This turns the tubers slumbering in the ground into living, perhaps even breathing, creatures.

This story is about these jolly little creatures, the living potatoes and in particular the ugly and moldy one called Fuleprutt.


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