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December events: Yurutune & 1H1D vol.42


18日は早稲田の茶箱で「ゆるちゅうん」と24日は初の京都のお店cafe la ciestaで「1H1D vol.42」というイベントに出る。pi(^o^)ko




Collab track with Rymdkraft

That's right, I made an awesome collab track with none other than the chipmaster himself, Rymdkraft.

You can check it out here on my bandcamp page⇩

New EP: Mechanical Love Fighters

My new EP "Mechanical Love Fighters" is now available on bandcamp, both for download and shipping. Go to my bandcamp page for more info.

Mechanical Love Fighters youtube series

Hello everybody!


It's still a few weeks away until the release of my new EP "Mechanical Love Fighters", so in the meanwhile I will upload a 7 part video series, from the 7 tracks (well actually 8, but one of the them is really short so it doesn't count;) that will be on this EP. You will be able to hear my demo versions of the tracks, and also be able to read the story to each track, hurray!
The man behind the story, and all the stories for Robotprins so far, is my dear friend and cousin Alexander Lidé. What's more, he wil narrate the story for you, in the kindest, Swedishest voice he could. To be honest, the biggest reason for uploading these videos is that I wanted you guys to read his funny story, so please watch it!
The Artwork for this cd is done by another fellow Swede, Monica Kato. Each video will have a new artwork which will match what's happening in the story.
I will post 2-3 of these videos a week until my release, hope you enjoy them:)

Jun&Philip's project