Friend Force

This is a story. It’s a story about the greatest gift mankind has ever known. 

A story of friendship.

We all know well that Robotprins is a nice and chummy guy, 

But did you also know that he has friends. It’s true! 

A kind of Friend Force you could say. They all met through their shared interest in the wonders of music. And they were not shy to share their gift with the people and peoplettes. On every stage that could be found in their town they would sing and play their instruments, always attracting a huge crowd. Anyone who knew anything about friendship would feel empowered 

By their funky tunes and the love would spread through all the spectators. 

Yes, everyone adored this band of buddys. All but one person. 

Someone who had never known true friendship.


Growing up in a strict household where etiquette and correctness was valued higher than anything and any form of real intimacy was frowned upon, mr acquaintance had never felt any love from his parents growing up. 

It was not that mr acquaintance wasn't familiar with the people living in the town, 

on the contrary he knew many of them and he always behaved in a polite, but quite dry manor with them. Joking and laughing would never even cross his mind. because of this he was completely friendless. 

But since mr acquaintance never had known the gift of friendship he was not at all aware of what he was missing and was feeling as content as a friendless person can feel. This was until Friend Force started spreading their message of joy and happiness through every nook and corner in their village. 

Seeing and hearing this wild demonstration of what true friendship really is, 

mr acquaintance for the first time realized how lonely he actually was and it hurt him more than any scolding or punishment from his parents had ever done. The pain drove mr acquaintance to the edge of sanity.

A relentless hatred towards Friend Force for making him feeling this agony started to grow deep inside of him and he decided he would get his revenge. He realized that the key to Friend Force being able to spread their friendly vibes was their lovely singing voices and instrument playing. 

He was also a wizard with an expertise in electronics and robotics. Maybe I forgot to mention that earlier. 

So he thought to himself: “what kind of spell can I cast on these unruly gentlemen to hinder them from singing and playing instruments?”. 

And he figured it out: robots!

He could turn them into robots since they can arguably not do those things. 

And with that his evil plan had been set in motion.


It was a sunny tuesday afternoon. 

Friend Force were playing beautiful melodies in the park gazebo as they frequently did during the warmer days of the year. A significant crowd had assembled on blankets around the band, basking in the sunlight and humming along with the catchy tunes. 

In the very back a man that was not frequently seen in these circumstances was standing in the shade wearing a tidy suit and a frown. Mr acquaintance. 

Watching the band with loathing burning in his eyes he mumbled some otherworldly words under his breath. 

In that exact moment a dark cloud engulfed the gazebo for a moment and then slowly dispersed. As the cloud disappeared you could hear a loud gasp of unbelief from the crowd. Where their beloved Friend Force had been performing so joyfully just moments ago a group of confused robots now stood.

They tried to play their instruments, but with their clumsy robot hands it sounded horrible. They tried to sing, but all that came out was blips and blops. 

They tried to dance and that actually looked really cool. 

But without music how they keep on spreading joy to masses? 

The crowd was distraught fearing they would no long be able to hear the wonderful songs they had been getting so used to brighten up their days. 

Contrary to everyone else mr acquaintance was feeling a wicked joy within his empty heart. Finally he had stopped Friend Force from shoving their friendship in his well-groomed face. But if you think the friendship between the members of Friend Force was so weak that it would be broken by simply turning them into robots you are gravely mistaken. 

It is not about pretty voices and fancy instrument, but a bond stronger than strongest strong bond. Where there is friendship there is a way to create wonderful music. 

What mr acquaintance had not realized, and what ultimately ruined his evil plans, 

was that blips and blops are an excellent way to make groovy music. 

It took only a moment before Friend Force started to make people happy again, 

but now with a new kind of music, a sort of chip tune. 

Mr acquaintance had failed in his attempt to make everyone in town as miserable as he was. He had underestimated the power of friendship and now shunned Friend Force more than ever and died two seconds later out of loneliness.

But Friend Force kept on creating beautiful music as robots and will continue doing so 

in the foreseeable future. 


This record is a collection of some of the songs that has been made 

by the members of Friend Force so you can, together with them, 

enjoy the power of, you guessed it, FRIENDSHIP!!!

Jun&Philip's project